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We at Fortedon are a creative digital agency with the key aspiration to generate and further develop opportunities for your brand’s impact within the competitive digital market. Hence, our experts focus their talents towards achieving tangible improvements within your media buying practices, social media advertising efforts, as well as your brand’s email marketing and lead generation activities.

Our Services

Smart Media Buying

In terms of our media buying initiatives, we build smooth pre-launch campaigns, identifying the specific target audience whilst deciding exactly to attract a more massive reach.

Social Media Advertising

Our social media advertising includes of creating and managing campaigns with simple, yet effective service tools, having the ability to track their performance with easy-to-evaluate reports.


We produce e-mail marketing plans, including of signup sources, segmenting, and grouping, as well as A/B Testing campaigns, ensuring efficiency and the best performance possible.


Our lead generation experts aim to build and cultivate relationships by initiating communication, via social media and email marketing, with past, current, and potential clients.

Encouraging Blossoming Results

As the digital marketing terrain is quite a changing, flexible phenomenon, Fortedon strives to sustain a fitting process with the right marketing experts for each client. We value the distinct individuality of each brand we work with, and, therefore, encourage blossoming professional relationships for achieving desired results.

The Fortedon
Creative Complex

We put great effort into establishing a friendly, yet engaging and dynamic work environment for our employees, forming a team that is capable to face challenges with smoothness and ease. To do so, we provide an attractive bonus system a diversity of opportunities for professional growth and further skill development, as well as the chance to work amongst a growing community of like-minded, creative individuals.



Within the few months we have worked together, we have achieved so much for our company’s much needed lead generation boost! Thank you!


Fortedon’s experts really made a difference for us, especially when it comes to our email marketing and automation. So many more clients have come to our website as a result!


One of the best digital agencies for social media ad activity! I would recommend them to anyone!

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