An unwavering digital approach

At Fortedon, we aim to evolve each venture into a growing and increasingly profitable online business. To do so, we effectively uphold our B2B clients’ social media engagement, media buying activities, as well as strategic email marketing initiatives to a high market standard, captivating target audiences with a carefully crafted marketing messaging.

Smart Media Buying

In terms of our media buying initiatives, we build smooth pre-launch campaigns, identifying the specific target audience whilst deciding exactly to attract a more massive reach. To fully provide a competitive advantage, we do our research competitors by investigating potential competitors and their media buying strategy.

After having access to this key analytical information, we design tailor-made media buying strategies – choosing forms of advertising, corresponding with campaign goals, as well as a variety of outlets. In addition, we ensure media delivery by forming the budget and detailed planning of each campaign execution. To complete our service package, we also provide a campaign effectiveness analysis.

Social Media Advertising

Our social media advertising includes of creating and managing campaigns with simple, yet effective service tools, having the ability to track their performance with easy-to-evaluate reports. Another branch of our online advertising consists of such on LinkedIn, aiming to expand campaign reach and easily target relevant client audiences.

In addition, our team of creatives is skilled in creating video and photo ads, producing engaging content by presenting the audience with the client’s brand offerings for all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. In this way, we ensure more traffic to each client’s website with the means of building compelling ad techniques.

Email Marketing

For our email marketing purposes, we follow the strategic process to create signup forms on client’s websites, while also installing pop-ups which have the aim to collect customer data from page visits.

In addition to this, we deeply believe in the precise touch and professionalism needed to craft compelling messaging via email marketing. Hence, we provide our clients’ customers with a lot of valuable information, offering features like share buttons, as well as social media post builders. We produce e-mail marketing plans, including of signup sources, segmenting and grouping, e-mail sending frequencies, as well as A/B Testing campaigns to ensure our e-mail marketing efficiency and the best performance possible.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation experts aim to build and cultivate relationships by initiating communication, via social media and email marketing, with past, current, and potential clients.

Your client database will be, therefore, managed by an integrated CRM system, ensuring all communications are logged, information is accurate.  We will maintain prospect relationships by initiating communications and conducting follow-up conversations, in order to move opportunities through the sales funnel. Our team keeps track of and follows up on leads, conducts research to identify potential prospects to deliver well-crafted, converting messaging.

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